Having a home full of sunshine is pleasant. But it can also make rooms feel hotter and interfere with activities, like watching TV.

Adding custom blinds is an economical way to have more control over daylight. When you work with a professional design consultant, like one from Louver Shop, your home can look just like you picture it. We’ll be with you every step of the way. From choosing styles and colors during your free consultation to professional installation.

Here are a few of the best blinds in to block the light.

Plantation Blinds

Plantation blinds have thick slats, like plantation shutters. They’re a smart way to get the look of shutters on a budget.

These blinds work best keeping light out of smaller windows, since they’re typically controlled by cords. If you choose a corded system, ask your consultant about de-Light™. This feature minimizes gaps and seams where light can leak through.

Want to use plantation blinds on large windows? Moving them is easy with PowerView®. This innovative system raises, lowers, opens and closes your blinds with a tap of your smartphone.

Plantation blinds are available in genuine wood or faux wood, as well as many colors and finishes. Faux wood is a great choice for rooms with high humidity or moisture, such as a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room.

Plantation Shutters

When you think of blinds, you may not instantly think of plantation shutters. But shutters provide a similar look—with superior light control and outstanding energy savings. They can be used to keep light out of windows of all sizes throughout your home and are easy to move using a tilt bar.

At Louver Shop, we custom manufacture all our shutters in the United States to ensure a snug fit with your unique windows. Not only does a great fit make your shutters look good, it also helps maximize light management and energy efficiency.

We offer a range of louver sizes, materials and colors so you can create the right shutters for your home.

Heritage Shutters In A Kitchen

Panel Track Blinds

For modern or contemporary homes, there are panel track blinds.

With a variety of opacities to choose from, you can control how much light your blinds will filter while closed. With more than 600 colors and textures to choose from, you’re sure to find a style that will complement your space.

While these blinds are designed for larger windows, they can be used to make a statement on smaller ones too. Whatever size window you use them on, the panels stack neatly together when moved to let more light in.

Vertical Blinds

For traditional homes with large windows, consider keeping light out with vertical blinds. Today’s stylish options are far from the white metal vanes you might associate with this window treatment.

Cadence® soft vertical blinds have curved vanes that imitate curtains. But these vanes don’t just look good. They absorb more outdoor noise so you can enjoy your space in peace. And a patented headrail keeps them together to reduce light leaks.

Like other Hunter Douglas window treatments, these blinds are available in a wide array of stylish colors and patterns.

Find Your New Blinds with Expert Assistance from Louver Shop

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