When you live in a hurricane zone, you know that being able to protect your home during hurricane season is a must.

High winds, flying debris and torrential rain can wreak havoc on your home. Hurricane shutters are the most effective type of protection. They shield your windows and doors, the most vulnerable points of your home during high winds. They also help protect your home from intruders after the storm passes.

If you’re looking to add them to your home, our professionals install hurricane shutters. What’s even better is that they live in your community, so they understand the weather you’re up against. They’re also only a text away, so you can count on them to help you every step of the way, from free consultation to professional installation.

Let’s review how hurricane shutters work and the different styles you can choose from.

How Hurricane Shutters Work

Hurricane shutters stop debris from breaking your windows. When your windows break, they can cause the air pressure inside your home to rise and your roof to fail. The best types of hurricane shutters are made from reinforced aluminum that meets building codes.

Whether you choose storm Bahama, storm louvered or rolling hurricane shutters, all protect your home in a similar way. The shutters fit tightly against your windows or doors, forming a secure barrier that can also boost energy efficiency and keep intruders out.

When you have permanent hurricane shutters, you won’t have to worry about putting up storm panels, which can be heavy and take up a lot of space when they’re in storage. You also won’t need any plywood, which can provide some protection in a pinch, but isn’t the smartest solution. You also won’t have to worry about getting expensive impact-resistant windows.

Types of Hurricane Shutters

At Louver Shop we only sell the best hurricane protection products for your home. All our shutters are made here in the United States, so you can feel good knowing your shutters will provide protection for many years.

Here are the four styles we offer:

  • Rolling Hurricane Shutters—If you choose a motorized operating system, these premium shutters can be deployed quickly with just the tap of a button. Some models can withstand winds of more than 200 mph. When you’re not using them, they roll into a small housing box above windows or doors. Our custom LouverShield™ Rolling Hurricane Shutters feature an extra-small housing box, so the shutters blend in with your home. They also come standard with our exclusive End Retention System, which eliminates the need for storm bars. On calm days, rolling shutters can also boost your home’s energy efficiency by blocking the hot sun.
  • Storm Bahama Shutters—If you have a coastal home, this is a great way to enjoy shade and cool breezes while still being protected from hurricanes. Storm Bahama Shutters are like wood Bahama shutters, but they’re hurricane rated since they’re constructed from reinforced aluminum. You can keep them open on calm days and secure them against windows and doors when a hurricane is approaching.
  • Storm Louvered Shutters—These shutters look like wood colonial shutters, which complement a wide variety of home styles, but are a great defense against hurricanes. Storm Louvered Shutters are made from sturdy aluminum and can be reinforced with storm bars for extra protection.

Hurricane shutters are a cost-effective way to keep your home safe while meeting stringent building codes. To learn more about how they can protect your home, contact us at 888-249-5655 today to schedule your free consultation. There’s never any obligation, just free expert advice for maintaining your home’s beauty while protecting what matters most.