Create a New Interior Design Color Palette

Nov 8, 2023 | Home Improvement, Interior Design, Interior Window Treatments

Changing your interior design color palette can be a fun and exciting way to give your home a new look. Color theory helps inform our Design Consultants in their color recommendations, which we know can help make your home’s new color palette aesthetically pleasing and cohesive.

At Louver Shop, we love helping our clients create an interior design they love. Check out our five tips for creating a new interior design color palette using color theory.

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Choose a Primary Color and Accent Colors

One of the most important aspects of color theory in interior design is choosing a primary color: the main color to use on walls, furniture, and other home decor items. The primary color can be the connecting thread that weaves through every room of your home, even if you have varying styles and colors throughout the house. This tone is essential and can set the tone for your home!

Once you’ve selected your primary color, start thinking about accent colors that will compliment your primary color while providing variety to your space. If you love blue as a primary color, consider yellows and oranges. Greens pair well with neutrals and other organic hues. While we love bringing in accent colors, they can quickly overwhelm the space if not used sparingly, so consider accent colors in small doses.

Consider Monochromatic Design

A monochromatic design can be subtle and calming or bold and bright, depending on the primary color you choose. This type of design focuses on one color and then uses varying shades of that color throughout the space. A monochromatic design with green as your main color makes for a peaceful, cozy design. Consider light green on the walls and deeper shades on throw pillows and window shades. Black as your main color can be dramatic and edgy, especially when utilizing different shades of gray and white.

A monochromatic design lets you get playful with texture and patterns within the same color family, adding depth and dimension to your space.

Look to Nature for Inspiration

Mother Nature is the ultimate color expert. Take inspiration from her when creating your interior design color palette using organic colors. These can be calming neutrals like browns, greens, and golds found in fields and forests, or they can be rich purples and blues of flowers or vibrant oranges and yellows in the sunset.

Once you’ve found an Earth-toned color palette to inspire you, bring natural textures and materials into your home. Consider accents like wood shutters and furniture or fabrics like woven wood shades. Woven wood shades are made of bamboo, grasses, reeds, and wood. They offer a gorgeous aesthetic and excellent light filtration.

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Use Bold Colors

Bold colors can make a statement, especially if you love bright or dramatic colors. The key to using bold colors in your interior design color palette is ensuring your colors work well together. You can ensure this by choosing complimentary colors, opposites on the color wheel, like red and green. Together, they can create a dynamic color palette. However, your dynamic color palette can quickly become overwhelming if you use too much color, so be choosy with how much bold color you put in your home and where.

Use Neutral Colors for Balance

Even if you’re using bold colors in your new interior design color palette, it’s important to balance them with neutrals. Neutral colors like whites, beiges, browns, and grays provide a sense of serenity and balance to a space while also allowing other colors to shine.

Consider pairing classic white shutters with brown shades or stained wood blinds with green drapery. No matter the combination of colors you choose, make sure it feels balanced and positive in your space.

Create a New Interior Design Color Palette with Louver Shop

Learn more about color theory and creating a new interior design color palette when you book a free, in-home consultation! Your local Louver Shop Design Consultant is excited to help you design a color palette you love, and the best way we know how to do that is with custom window treatments. From shades and sheers to blinds and shutters, Louver Shop has it all. Contact us today to get started!