Modern farmhouse has exploded in popularity over the last several years, thanks to its focus on traditional charm and simple materials. That being said, these simple materials are surprisingly versatile when creating a modern farmhouse look. A great way to start is with your window treatments.

New custom shades or shutters can transform a simple window into a centerpiece for any room, from a cozy breakfast nook to a rustic master suite. If you’d like some professional advice, consider a free virtual or in-home consultation from a local design consultant. They have the ideal experience translating your sense of style into a beautiful, modern farmhouse look.

Wood Blinds Are Both Homey and Chic

A key goal of any modern farmhouse look is to capture a quaint, cottage-like feel with modern innovations for convenience. A great way to accomplish this is with a new set of custom wood blinds. Featuring a variety of natural earth tones and wood-grain patterns, they’re a fantastic option if you prefer something simple and reliable.

Parkland® Wood Blinds are the perfect example of how even a little goes a long way. Choose your preferred wood color or try something a little more vibrant with painted blinds. Try Weathered Wood Blinds for a particularly rustic appearance. And for modern convenience, you can upgrade your blinds with cordless and even automated operating systems.

Enjoy Ample Natural Light with Woven Roman Shades

A common struggle when adding new window treatments is balancing the look of the treatments themselves with ensuring the space has plenty of natural light. After all, deep morning or afternoon sun adds a sense of warmth to a room. To make things easier, try a woven Roman shade. They can allow filtered light through without compromising on appearance.

Provenance® Woven Wooden Shades offer everything you need for a modern farmhouse project. With multiple materials to choose from (including natural wood, reeds, bamboo and even grasses), you have plenty of flexibility with the details.

Interior and Exterior Shutters Are Classic Farmhouse Options

Sturdy, elegant shutters are one of the best options for a modern farmhouse. Not only do they add a sense of timeless beauty to your home, but they’re also highly practical. They easily block harsh sunlight and heat while standing up to humidity, fading and cracking for generations of use.

Heritage Plantation Shutters are a popular choice, and for good reason. They work with rustic and luxurious interior designs alike. You can customize the louver size, color and other details to perfectly complement the chosen space.

You can also add pairs of shutters to the exterior of your home! Board and batten shutters, as well as louvered models, are both classic options for farmhouse curb appeal. *Please note that exterior shutters are available at a limited number of locations. Contact your nearest Louver Shop location for more information*

Create Your Dream Modern Farmhouse with Louver Shop

You don’t need to have a bunch of farm animals to turn your home into a farmhouse. A modern farmhouse look complements a wide range of styles and materials, and new window treatments from Louver Shop are a great place to start. Schedule a free virtual or in-home consultation for expert advice on creating your perfect window treatments.

Find Your Dream Shutters with Our Visualizer Tool

It can be tedious to manually compare different colors and minor flourishes. You can speed up the process thanks to our easy-to-use Visualizer Tool. Use one of our sample photos or upload a picture of the windows you’re updating. It’s a convenient way to find out how a new pair of interior shutters will look in your home!