A home office can be a great way to spend a productive day working while keeping an eye on the house. You can tailor your environment to what helps you stay calm and focused. Light and noise can be a big part of that, which is why new window treatments are a great investment for any home office. A new pair of shutters or shades can offer a wide range of practical benefits while still ensuring an attractive look.

But with all the possible customization options, it’s nice to have some help. A local design consultant can provide a free virtual or in-home consultation to help you sort through them all. Compare colors, fabric types and other details with a discerning eye. They may just recommend these three window treatments for a nice way to touch up your home office!

Custom Plantation Shutters Are Ideal

The ideal home office should create a sense of professionalism and structure. Interior shutters are perfect for achieving that look, and the right pair comes with all sorts of useful features. A sturdy pair of shutters can keep out light and noise, minimizing distractions during the day. Modern stains and colors can resist light and heat for years, keeping your shutters looking beautiful.

For a timeless sense of class, you can’t do better than Traditional Wood Shutters. They feature narrower louvers for a more authentic look. Made from furniture-grade basswood, they won’t warp or bend. You can enjoy these shutters with minimal maintenance for a very long time.

If you prefer a thicker, more modern louver size, plantation shutters are equally upscale while still offering their own unique aesthetic. The extra thick louvers are useful for keeping harsh sunlight out of your home office, and they’re finished in durable paints and stains. You won’t have to worry about settling on color just to keep them looking bright.

Heritage Shutters can provide an exclusive design unique to your sense of style. They’ll help you create the perfect home office that’s both fashionable and functional. And no matter what style you end up choosing, they’ll be protected with one of the best warranties in the industry.

Designer Roller Shades Encourage Concentration

For a more contemporary look, roller shades ensure clean lines and beautiful windows. You can customize the fabric color and opacity with hundreds of options to choose from. These shades can be hand operated or motorized for even more convenience, making them some of the most useful window treatments around.

The Designer Roller Shades are made with a special operating system that helps them sit as close to the window as possible, minimizing the amount of light that gets through. This is very useful when outside distractions are getting in the way of a productive day from home.

Let Louver Shop Window Treatments Transform Your Home Office

Your home office should be efficient, comfortable and a personal reflection of your professional life. The right pair of custom window treatments can offer all that and more. To help you pick out your ideal style, don’t hesitate to request a free consultation. A local design consultant will sit down and help you realize your ultimate home office window treatments. To get started, give us a call at 888-249-5655 today!

Our Visualizer Tool Makes Comparing Shutters Easy

With this many customization options, it doesn’t hurt to have a quicker way to compare styles. You can sort through colors, materials and other details through our helpful Visualizer Tool. You can use one of the sample photos or upload one of the windows from your home you want to update. You can see what beautiful custom shutters look like with the ultimate try-before-you-buy experience.