While sheer shades and blinds might seem similar at first glance, they offer very different features and performance capabilities. Learn more about those features so you can choose the right window treatments for your home!

Most Customizable

Winner: Tie

Both our sheer shades and window blinds from Hunter Douglas are highly customizable.

With the shades, you’ll have your choice of three styles, Silhouette®, Pirouette® and Nantucket™. Silhouette boasts the most features, including ClearView® to enhance your outdoor view and Duolite® integrated room-darkening roller shades. You’ll also have a full collection of vane sizes and fabrics to choose from.

If you like the clean look of sheer roller shades, Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades are available in more than 400 fabrics. That way, you can find the right light control for your rooms.

Our Hunter Douglas window blinds are available in three materials: wood, faux wood and aluminum. And a wide variety of colors and textures. You’ll be able to best find the look and performance that best suits your home.

Smart Home Automation

Winner: Tie

With PowerView®, you can move your window treatments on your schedule. Whether you’re at home or away, just a tap of your smartphone or tablet moves your automatic window blinds or shades. You can also integrate PowerView with compatible smart-home systems, including Amazon Alexa, Siri® on your Apple device or the Google Assistant.


Winner: Blinds

At Louver Shop, we’ve never met a window or door that we couldn’t cover. Our blinds are custom-made for your home, so that means we can make them as bay window blinds, arched window blinds, door window blinds and more! Ask your local design professional about your specialty windows during your free, no-obligation in-home consultation.

Heat, humidity and moisture can be a concern in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. But not for faux wood blinds. Hunter Douglas EverWood® blinds are made from a modern polymer that resists warping and damage. Available in realistic TruGrain® wood finishes or Renditions™ solid colors, you might even forget that your blinds aren’t wood.

Vertical and Horizontal Styles

Winner: Sheer Shades

Wood and faux wood blinds are only available in horizontal styles, so they don’t work if you’re looking for a cohesive style across your home. With sheer vertical shades and sheer horizontal shades, you get the widest range of styles for your windows.

Hunter Douglas sheer shades incorporate the best features of shades and blinds, giving you a drapery-like look with the adjustability of blinds. These shades have vanes that float between two pieces of fabric and can even be customized with a blackout panel.

Most Modern

Winner: Tie

At first glance you might think that wooden window blinds are too traditional for your contemporary home. However, there are plenty of modern window blinds from Hunter Douglas to suit your home’s neutral palette, including white, gray and black window blinds.

With a wide range of fabrics and textures to choose from, sheer shades complement most any home style, including contemporary, modern and even traditional.

Light Filtering

Winner: Sheer Shades

The sun can be harsh and unforgiving, especially on south-facing windows. Transform that bright light into a soft glow with light-filtering sheer shades. This window treatment has two customizable panels with adjustable vanes that float between the panels. That way, you have precise control over how much light you want to let in.

Blackout Capabilities

Winner: Sheer Shades

Although blinds do a decent job of blocking light, they can’t compete with dual sheer shades. Hunter Douglas Silhouette is available with Duolite, an extra roller shade that provides better control over daylight.

Keeps Out Heat

Winner: Blinds

Love the look and performance of plantation shutters but are on a tighter budget? Plantation blinds are similar to shutters since they feature a wide louver that blocks more heat. Faux wood blinds are designed to withstand high temperatures, humidity and strong sunlight, all without fading, yellowing, warping or bowing.

Potential Energy Bill Reduction

Winner: Blinds

Polymer blinds are extremely energy efficient since they can insulate up to three times better than wood. Your windows are one of your home’s main source of energy loss, so keep your heating and cooling where it belongs with energy-efficient window treatments.

UV Protection

Winner: Sheer Shades

The same rays responsible for sunburn can also damage your flooring, furniture and artwork. Over time, strong sunlight can bleach or discolor your belongings. Keep your home looking beautiful with a window treatment that provides defense against harmful ultraviolet rays. In combination with certain fabric selections, Hunter Douglas sheer shades can filter up to 88 percent of UV light.

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