A sunroom or solarium can be a great space for both relaxing and entertaining. Flush with natural light, it’s a great way to display your sense of style in a way that takes advantage of beautiful outdoor scenery and changing light conditions. In fact, many sunrooms feature sliding doors to strengthen the connection to the outdoors even further. But the simple design of sliding doors leaves many homeowners wanting something more.

They can get exactly what they’re looking for with new window treatments for their sliding sunroom doors. A new pair of shutters or shades adds texture and detail to sliding doors, which are often minimally designed aside from a single piece of glass. A Louver Shop design consultant can demonstrate exactly how to upgrade your sunroom doors with a free virtual or in-home consultation. They have experience translating your favorite colors and styles into the best possible new window treatments.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters can be used for more than just your standard windows. Larger shutters are a great addition to sliding sunroom doors and can make the room feel like a luxurious conservatory. You can customize your louver size to achieve the right balance between natural light, privacy and overall appearance. Such shutters can transform a sliding door into a true centerpiece for your sunroom.

A great benefit of these Classic Plantation Shutters is their ability to match the attractive look of hardwood shutters but with three times more insulation. They can keep excess heat and humidity out of your sunroom, offering plenty of light for plants and a dry environment for furniture and décor. You’ll be able to enjoy the blend of fashion and function for many years to come.

Honeycomb Shades

Because sunrooms are designed to draw in much more light than say a living room or bedroom, the temperature can be much warmer compared to the rest of the house. Rather than increase your cooling bills or let sun damage fade your furniture, invest in energy-efficient window treatments like honeycomb shades. These shades are designed with pockets of air that form a comfort barrier against the sunroom sliding doors, helping keep heat and UV rays out.

Duette® Honeycomb Shades are the perfect choice for this type of window treatment. You can choose up to triple-cell construction as well as multiple fabric types for varying degrees of insulating and light filtering. You can even bolster these shades with automized controls to make day-to-day adjustment a breeze.

Sheer Shades

Sheer shades and their translucent fabrics are especially popular for sunrooms because they can allow in light for plants or décor without losing out on privacy. Sheer shades double down on this soft, minimal look with cordless designs, keeping as little between you and your sliding doors as possible. They’re perfect for turning your sunroom into an oasis of afternoon relaxation.

Silhouette® Window Shadings are the go-to option for homeowners wanting top quality sheer shades. Two pieces of fabric mellow out strong sunlight, transforming even the harshest light into a welcoming glow. But don’t worry about being stuck with bright light 24/7 because you can add a room-darkening roller shade. This addition is perfect in case there are times you want total privacy even in a space as open as a sunroom.

Soak Up the Sun with Louver Shop Window Treatments for Your Sunroom

Sunrooms are designed with nature and outdoor scenery as a focal point, so why not give this room the personal touch it deserves? Custom window treatments from Louver Shop can make even the simplest window feel like a grand statement. They’re great for turning an often-ignored element of the home into another opportunity to showcase your unique sense of style.

If you’re having trouble bringing that style to life, don’t hesitate to request a free virtual or in-home consultation. Our local design professional will be happy to help you compare options and explore your favorite choices until you finally arrive at the window treatments of your dreams.

Visualizer Tool

Plantation shutters can elevate all kinds of windows and doors, but you want the right details to truly create the ideal look. If you’re having trouble imagining what a new pair of custom shutters will look like, try our Visualizer Tool. You can compare shutter styles and details by using a sample photo or even uploading one of the windows you want the shutters for. It’s a fast, convenient way to find your ideal shutters!