Does your home include a sliding glass door? This modern style of door offers ample natural light like a window while still functioning as a doorway. They’re great for convenience and contemporary design but picking the right window treatments can seem a little tricky. How do you ensure you can enjoy some privacy while still enjoying the openness of sliding glass doors?

Custom window treatments and expert advice can help. Get in touch with a local design consultant for a free virtual or in-home consultation that can help you identify your dream window treatments. Local expertise is a great way to compare details and colors until you’ve arrived at a perfect fit for your sliding glass door.

Roller Shades Provide Simple Elegance

Homeowners sometimes avoid fabric options for sliding glass doors because they can get in the way as you try to open and close the door. Roller shades sidestep this problem by keeping the shade as close to the windowpane as possible. Their streamlined design ensures they can serve as attractive window treatments without getting in the way.

With more than 300 fabrics to choose from, Designer Roller Shades make it easy to find a beautiful design you’re sure to love. Choose an opaque fabric for full privacy or a sheer shade to allow in more natural light. Sheer fabric allows you to view outdoor scenery without compromising on privacy.

Sleek Vertical Blinds Complement Privacy and Personal Style

Sliding glass doors are ideal for modern homes because they pair well with the tall, floor-to-ceiling windows that are particularly common with this style of interior design. These big windows can be hard to find good treatments for, with the exception of gliding track panel blinds.

Window treatments like Skyline® Gliding Window Panels float on fixed tracks at both the top and bottom of windows, making it easy to pull them shut when you need some privacy. You can choose from more than 600 fabric types including woven options.

Plantation Shutters Offer Resilient and Attractive Design

For a sturdier sense of separation, interior plantation shutters are beautiful and durable. They can easily provide all the privacy you need while creating an upscale, traditional look that can transform your sliding glass door from modern marvel to cozy cottage.

Classic Plantation Shutters combine sturdy hardwood with cellular PVC to provide both strength and energy efficiency. If you want to ensure maximum views, the PerfectView™ Louver Control System hides the tilt bar and locks the louver panels together to minimize privacy concerns.

Enhance Your Sliding Glass Doors with Louver Shop

Sliding glass doors shouldn’t force you to give up a sense of privacy at home. And with beautiful custom window treatments from Louver Shop, they won’t. Don’t forget to request a free virtual or in-home consultation so you can work with a local design consultant on your dream pair of window treatments. Give us a call at 888-249-5655 to get started.

Compare Shutters with the Visualizer Tool

A pair of custom plantation shutters can elevate any window, but it takes time to compare colors, louver sizes and other details. You can speed up the process by using our helpful Visualizer Tool. Upload a photo of the windows you want to work with or use one from our sample collection to explore different looks. You’ll have all the time you need to create the perfect custom plantation shutters.