Security shutters provide value and flexibility to any house or establishment.

They’re durable, and economical. Plus, security shutters are produced in a number of colors, operating systems and sizes to work with your space.

Even better, they offer peace of mind. At Louver Shop, we make certain your shutters take care of what matters most to you.

Start designing your own rolling shutters now by arranging a free, in-home consultation with our experts. Our professionals will take the showroom to your home, all with custom design advice, measurements and an everything’s-included price quote. All without any fees or obligation to purchase.

We produce all of our shutters nowhere but here in the United States, so you can be confident knowing our shutters will afford protection for years to come.

Here’s some more reasons why Louver Shop options offer some of the strongest benefits when it comes to protection.

Energy Efficiency

Our security shutters offer energy efficiency for your home. Crafted from lasting materials like steel and aluminum, Louver Shop shutters also come with mighty insulating power. That’s real efficiency you may be able to recognize on your energy bills.

Severe Weather Protection

A wide selection of our security shutters are also hurricane-rated. They can further bolster windows and garage doors against extreme winds, airborne debris and heavy rain.

Our LouverSafe™ Security Shutters also work as hurricane shutters. These shutters are produced from tough sustainable aluminum.


We custom manufacture our hurricane shutters to conform to your doors and windows, protecting the most vulnerable areas of your residence or establishment. With Louver Shop, your home or business is taken care of without surrendering its charming outside.

Our rolling security shutters can be tailored to correspond to your exact preferences. When building yours, you can pick from a couple of operating systems and a range of colors. Whatever model you select, your shutters will roll into an extra-small housing box. That way, your shutters integrate into your home’s architecture and design rather than working against it.

Straightforward Operation

Make your shutters even easier to work by going with automatic operation. When nasty weather is on the way, you’ll be protected in minutes, not days. Use your shutters with the push of a button—no more boarding up your windows or setting up heavy storm panels.

With our LouverTite™ Shutters, you’ll be able to fight against 140 mph winds and forced entry. Plus, you may even notice added energy efficiency when employing them on peaceful days.

Defend Your Home or Business with Security Shutters

Security shutters are a great investment for securing your home or business. Make the first move in locking down your property today by requesting a free, in-home consultation. Our design professionals will help you pick the correct product for your budget and needs.